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Information & Working On The New Site

Hey everyone!

I know it's been really dead in activity. I'm trying to pick up the missing pieces and I work full time now so I don't have so much energy on certain days. I'm slowely working to implement the new site with updates (hopefully coming faster than I've planned). I want to have demo activity flowing again, but as you might've figured out once again, there's no demochecker to help out at the moment and ua fame stopped checking all together.

se elITe^ has alot of stuff to deal with so don't have him around now either, so bare with me and I will work as much as I can. And if you have any questions, please ask and I'll answer them!


eu Zeovm 31 Mar : 01:56
Comments: 1
Registered: 20 Feb : 17:33
Keep up the good work!

se OFFBEAT 31 Mar : 17:30
Comments: 107
@Zeovm Thank you, i'm trying. emotes location

Me has pure epicness in I. emotes filename

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