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What is kz-scandinavia?

  • kz-scandinavia is the national community for 4 countries; Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

How do I contact an admin?
There are lots of ways to contact an admin. The ways of contacting an admin are via...

  • ...our forum. Simply create a forum-thread with your question/matter in it.
  • ...the chatbox. The chatbox can be found on the right side of the front page. Please do not post long questions in the chatbox. We prefer you post them in the forums. If you need to speak with an admin urgently, you can post that you need an admin from the chatbox.
  • ...PM. It can be found on the left side, and this is the way you should contact an admin if you want something personal/private as others cant see it.

Who are admins of kz-scandinavia?

  • The admins can be viewed here.

How do I become an admin of kz-scandinavia?

  • At some times we are recruiting. When we are recruiting, we make a news post about how you can apply to be an admin!

Do you have certain rules on/in your website/irc-channel/jumpcups?

  • Yes, the rules can be found here.

Why can't I access the demo-section?

  • You must be logged in to be able to access our demo section. You can register here.

I've downloaded a demo but I can't open a .rar-file. How do I open it?

  • .rar-files are compressed files. You need WinRAR to open .rar-files. You can click this or this link to download WinRAR. Now uncompress the file with WinRAR. Then put the demo in your cstrike-folder (unless you un-RARed it in that folder) and start counter-strike. To view the demo you type 'viewdemo demo-name' or 'playdemo demo-name'.

I need to know a code for a specific door in a map. Where can I find the code?

  • The codes can be found in this XJ forumthread.

What is a 'Timerbug'?

  • A timerbug is a timeshift between the ingame kz timer (which uses the HL engine clock) and the record time/real time.
  • The longer server uptime you have, the less synchronized the ingame timer and record time will be. To avoid this we recommend you to restart your LAN as often as possible.
  • A timerbug occurs with a probability of 90% if the server is running longer than 60 minutes, therfore you have to restart the server after 50-60 minutes.
  • A timerbug fools you to think that you are faster than you actually are, and that`s why your record could be replaced by another player`s record - if his demo has a synchronized ingame and record time.
  • Tools such as DemoChecker or Fps Death help you to see the record time. Both of these tools use the HL-engine clock to get the correct value of the record time.
  • Timerbug example:
  • You stop the ingame kz timer at 02:00, but the record time is showing 02:01, 02:02, 02:03 or slower. A non timerbugged demo would show the same ingame time as the record time, both showing 02:00.
  • Due to the kz timer's slight inaccuracy we've implemented real time records to prevent timerbugged demos and unfair time shifts (see // Timer rules under Demo rule section for details).

If you have any suggestions about how we should improve our FAQ, please create a forum-thread about it in our suggestions-forum. Or if you are having problems understanding the texts on this page, please contact an admin via IRC or email and he will try to explain it to you (if he's availible at the moment). We will try to update the FAQ as much as we possibly can. If you have read the FAQ and have a question to ask that was not listed last time you read it, you should read the FAQ again before asking.
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