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New Movie!

Good evening emotes location

A new kz-movie has been released, featuring the lj monster Bibo.

Bibo - Back To Basics made by Rinkon.

This movie shows some amazing longjumps, countjumps and bhops.
This is one of the most amazing kz movies ever made. A must see movie for all fans emotes location

You can get it in the download section [members only]

Info about the current situation.

Well as u all have noticed the site is kinda dead (no upload-demo script etc.)
Lets just hope that eXcaL will be back soon so the site will be alive again.

The cup-bot is almost finished and soon we will have some nice cups for u guys.

//edit by Chrizzy

I'm currently rewriting the cup script to make it cleaner and run faster. Also alot of bugs will be fixed so it could still take a while until the cups are coming. Hang in there emotes location

The reason that some of u guys have been kicked from the server without reason is that nowalone were to lazy to tell u that we was gonna use the server to test the cup-bot.
Sorry about that.

Pf0llz0r is back =D

Well as u can see Im back again.

I got my motivation back and Im mapping as much I can (my work comes first).
kz_kzsca_ancientblock is 99% finished (only some little details left) and Im gonna finish it later this week I guess.

I also making another map called kz_kzsca_brightstone but Im not gonna tell u more about that one yet emotes location

I also making a custom sky pack that will include about 20 custom skies that I made.


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