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KZmod BETA 2!

Finally its here, kzmod beta 2 have been released tonight emotes location

You can get it in the download section emotes location

To see what have been changed since beta 1, -->

Server finally up!

Our server is now up emotes location

Nowalone had a great plugin and ordered a server emotes location
Hopefully soon we can get cups running, still some work on those scripts.

The server ip is:



Also welcome Nowalone to the admin crew as Main Server Admin

Pf0llz0r inactive.

Hi guys.

Unfortunately Pf0llz0r has decided 2 go inactive.
Pf0llz0r himself says that he don't got that much time anymore 2 create maps, and he also feels that kz is no fun anymore. He'll finish the current projects, ofc.

Pf0llz0r will hopefully return 2 mapping, when he got the motivation back.

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