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There have been some more KZWC matches played by our scandinavian teams in the last days.

On kz_sandblock

Sweden - UK: 1-2

zhady lost to Soul|ftw
HoHo lost to Alcalol
KNiFEAR -N/A- callous
ichirou beat JohnnyB

Norway - Germany: 1-3

eXcaL beat Z0ck3rOO7
Chrizzy lost to ROFLJAAAA
Tjubby lost to rockbar
Psycho lost to Hanniball

On kz_ezboulder_b01

Norway - Finland: 2-2

eXcaL beat sambb
Chrizzy lost to flaip
Tjubby lost to Jurpo^
XaSer beat NiconeN


The second round of the KZ World Cup is over for the Scandinavia teams,
and the results are like this:

Norway - Latvia: 4-0

Chrizzy beat ANtye
Xeltic beat SSJGoku
tjubby beat icky
eXcaL beat spermis

Sweden - Denmark: 1-3

altsich lost to radon
zhady lost to scary
HoHo beat fr0st
KNiFEAR lost to Micron

// update

Just a little update about the projects menu, you can now click on a map to see pictures of it emotes location


Welcome to KZ-Scandinavia

Well.. The website is finally up, though its not nearly finished. Still alot of work that needs to be done with the downloads and the record page.. Just be patience and everything will get sortet out..

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