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Release Code Is Fixed

I have some good news for all of you, demo release code is fixed and back on track! I have sat down and gone insane from the fixes but finally the function is fixed and releases can once again be made. Now when this situation is fixed, which was the main issue all together that the site died, we can continue the mission to revive this community again.

As you might have seen in previous news posts though, I still need demo checkers for this to work out since I can't check demos. Can you check demos or know someone who can? Please contact me so we can do this right away.

Back To Basics

Hey guys!

So I don't work as much anymore, it has been a very hectic period of time since the summer, to get the money to come in and actually be able to live and pay the bills. Since i'm now more or less unemployed and searching for jobs again I can code and participate in my spare time.

Hopefully for this website there will be a new or added head admin, i'm hoping se elITe^ are able to take on this roll soon enough! I will still be here to help him out though. If he isn't able to take on the roll, someone else has to that has the time to put in effort.

Demo submission and releasing

I'm going through the codes of the website and updating and trying to fix the demo submitting and release codes, they will hopefully be up and running in a couple of days. When the codes are working properly again, the demos can continue to be sent in and released!

Because of this fact, comes the obvious thing we also need, demo checkers. So everyone good at demo checking and wanting to help out, contact me or apply in admin application page!

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